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Fly Fishing Schools created for you!

Here you’ll find information on fly-fishing schools, programs and events, which take place in a number of different formats and a number of different locations in southern Alberta, Canada.  In the old days people who wanted to learn to fly fish had two choices – read a book or learn from a friend.

While it's still possible to learn from both of these, today there are other choices, including video and DVD, 
but the best way to earn is from a qualified instructor.

Over the last 30 years literally thousands of Alberta’s (and beyond) fly fishers have learned the sport under the instruction of

Jim or Lynda McLennan. Both are skilled fly fishers (with more than 75 years' combined experience on the water), but more important for you, they understand the distinction between knowing how to fish and knowing how to teach fishing.

Both Jim and Lynda are University-trained teachers (University of Alberta and University of Calgary), and are experienced
in both the ways of the water and the ways of the classroom.

They have instruction available for people who are completely new to fly fishing and for people who have been fly fishing for years. 

Instruction is available in evening seminars, one or two-day schools, and multi-day destination events.

Take advantage of their combined 75+ years’ experience in teaching fly fishing and let

Jim and Lynda and their instructors help you have more fun on the water.

McLennan Fly Fishing Schools at a Glance


2024  Schools, Weekend and Hosted Trips

Thank you for your support.  
Come and join us!       

Thank you for choosing McLennan Fly Fishing

Updated June 28, 2024

A Taste of Fly Fishing

1-Day Introductory Fly Fishing School

May 26   Completed


An Introduction to the Foundation
and Principles of Fly Fishing


Spend a day getting the lowdown on taking up this great sport.

What tackle do I need? We'll tell you.

How do I cast?  We'll show you. 

Equipment provided for the day.

Topics include: Understanding and selecting tackle - must-have, and nice-to-have. Three simple knots; Trout Food; Fly Casting; Basic dry and nymphing methods.

All inclusive: Information, sample flies, use of tackle for the day and access fees.

Classroom and dry-land sessions.

Number of students: 
6 per instructor


Cost:   225.00 + gst

More Information.


2-Day Introductory 

Fly Fishing

2024  Schools  


 School A:   Day 1  May 26

                     Day 2  July 7

 School B:   Aug. 10 & 11

 Our most popular and effective school for newcomers and those who have not taken any fly fishing lessons. 

You'll learn about tackle, knots, trout food, reading water and much more. 

Day one includes classroom and two dry-land casting sessions. 

Day two we have a bonus casting session before heading out to a nearby trout stream.

Includes: access fees, booklet and instruction. Equipment (rod, reel, line, leader) can be supplied for the school.

Cost:  $420.00 + gst

Limited to 6 students per instructor.

Max. 6students.

More information.

York Creek Weekend
Fly Fishing  School & Retreat



Aug. 16-18, 2024  

Fly-fishing instruction with a difference.

Great for beginner to intermediate fly

fishers to attend together.

More Information


York Creek B&B in Coleman, Alberta

Cost:  $895.00 + gst

Double Occupancy

Accommodation / Meals included

Maximum of 10 students   2 Instructors 




Headwaters Small Creek School



Date:  July 28

For novice - intermediate students.     3 spots remaining

Headwaters streams are often more numerous, less crowded, and more accessible than our larger, more famous rivers. Catching the colourful and sometimes plentiful trout from a small foothills stream is an experience that few forget. Cutthroat, rainbow, brook and bull trout may find their way into your photographs on these trips.


In Headwaters, we will look at finding these streams, reading often-overlooked water, backcountry gear ideas, fun and effective flies and casts that keep your line out of the trees!

Come and enjoy a different experience. 


Cost:  $225.00 
Limited to 4 students.  

Instructor:  Robert Boyce

Send us an email to register or if you have any questions.

Small Stream

July 7       1 spot remaining
July 27    2 spots remaining

One day on-the-water for four students. Emphasis will be placed on casting, reading water and both dry and sub-surface techniques, but the final curriculum will be developed in consultation with your instructor.


Includes: access fees,

Equipment (rod, reel, line and leader) can be supplied for the day.


Cost:  $225.00

Limited to 4 students. 

 Instructor:  Allard VanEverdingen

Send us an email to register or if you have any questions.


    1 - Day Private 

Fly Fishing School

Spend a day alone, or you and a companion.
Along with your instructor, you'll decide on the location and the "curriculum" for the day.  

Date to be chosen in consultation with instructor, and is subject to availability.


Cost for 1 or 2 students

Private Full Day   $590.00 

Private Half Day  $450.00

For beginners and experienced fly fishers.

Send us an email to register or if you have any questions.


Private Casting 

Dates:   TBD between student and instructor

Casting is the backbone of fly fishing and everyone (everyone) can improve their casting skills.  

Allard, Jim and Lynda are casting specialists and these two-hour sessions are very popular with people who want to improve their overall casting, those just beginning and those who want to learn a particular technique, or who are preparing for a trip to an unfamiliar destination.

They also specialize in folks with shoulder/arm limitations to help make casting easier.


 Dry-land session

Cost:  $200.00 + gst

For 1 or 2 students


Equipment Consultation and Casting Instruction 

New for 2024

For 1 or 2 students.


$295.00 + gst


For a long time I've watched students come to fly fishing lessons with equipment that does not work for them.  I would like to offer this service where we have a casting lesson, try out some different fly rods, then go to a local fly shop and help you choose the perfect outfit. 
Fly rod, reel and line. Or upgrade any part of your outfit.

I have helped several students in the past couple of years and look forward to making your life easier with the many choices out there.

Send me a note and we can discuss your options.  


Private Group School


Only your imagination can limit the type of school we can put together for you.  

Fun, on the river, casting, friendly competitions. Learning is fun. 

Number of students:   6 - 20

Minimum 6 students.


Send us an email for further discussion.


Hosted trips to Northern Lights Lodge


Dates:  June 30 - July 6

4 spots remaining


A trip like no other. Dry fly fishing for wild native rainbow trout in B.C.'s Cariboo Country.

Cost:  $4500 Can. + gst 

Small charge for accommodation tax and classified license if applicable


All inclusive.    

For more information.

McLennan Fly Fishing - Jim and Lynda McLennan

Thank you for choosing McLennan Fly Fishing

Don't hesitate to send us a note  

if you have any questions.

We are here to walk with you in your journey.

© Lynda and Jim McLennan

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